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Thread: auto cal problems

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    Default auto cal problems

    i am tring to get my auto cal to log data and it says error $0185 can anyone help

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    You didn't program all the required files to your AutoCal.

    In the S&T program, on the BBx tab, click the down arrow next to the Program button, and click Program All.

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    thanks man i appreciate it

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    I have the same error with my autocal and I tried the program all button and still the same error.

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    Before you press program all it's important you go through all the tabs and make sure you checked all the boxes related to your vehicle.

    When I'm not certain if the device is programmed correctly I always do this:

    Press Read.
    Then check and see if all the settings are correct, if not, fix them.
    If it's never worked or you've just upgraded the software press the tiny arrow on the Program button and choose Format.
    Then press the Program button.


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