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Thread: Files in CTZ or CTD

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    Guys I am having a issue with converting files. I don't use the autocal to much but if someone emails me a file in CTZ format instead of CTD format can I convert it from one to the other. I have seen and converted files from CTD to CTZ but never the other way.

    This is what the customer told me it said.

    "File not EFILive calibration tune file (*.ctd). Copy file anyway?

    Any ideas of how to get around this.


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    Sounds like your customer needs to upgrade to the latest RC10b software/firmware on his V2/AC. It appears to me that the conversion process is designed to be one-way so going forward people dont try and continue using .ctd files as they are no longer supported. A simple open and re-save in .ctz is needed or use the batch tool to convert all .ctd to .ctz (V8 S&T, F8 Tools).
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    Correct the customer needs to run RC10. The other option is to have the old software on another computer so you can save, build, run tunes for customers in CTD. This was too much for me, so just have everyone update to the RC10.
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    Because I have so many Autocal customers with the old .ctd file supporting software, I have saved a copy of V7.5.7 Build 180. I open up their tune files with the old version of V7 and I can still save their files as .ctd files. For the customers who just want simple Autocal updates, sometimes this approach is easier for them rather then asking them to download the full blown new versions of V7 and V8 and then walk them through updating their Autocal firmware.

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