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Thread: 69 camaro e38 ecm compatibility question

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    Default 69 camaro e38 ecm compatibility question

    I'm in the process of building a 69 Camaro pro touring car with a supercharged LS3 using an E38 ecm, a TCI 6 speed auto with it's own ecm and here's the kicker. I'm putting a complete dash and most of the interior out of a 2010 Camaro in it. I want to get as many of the creature features of a new Camaro incorporated into the build. (radio, heater, a/c, gauges, window and door switches, auto dim interior lights and auto window cracking, cruise control and so on) I plan on using the stock wiring harness and bcm but it wont have anti-lock brakes, suspension control or a tcm. I'll get the fabrication done but I'm not sure what all I will have to do with the programming to get it all to work. Can anyone get me started in the right direction or tell me who I can call to get this done.

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    Give me a call, I can probably help you out. I have done several setups really similar to yours. (979.209.03two_five)

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    Cool project! You posting it anywhere?

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    Thanks for asking
    Any questions ask for Mark or Stan

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