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Thread: Cummins Data Logging Enhancements

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    Default Cummins Data Logging Enhancements

    Data Logging is about to be revolutionized once again by EFILive with the scheduled implementation of our Custom Operating System for Cummins Data Logging.

    These changes will be offered as a free software upgrade to all existing EFILive users, and will come standard in all future software releases. To use this feature, customers will need to license the ECM and flash in our Custom Operating system. (Only licensed ECM's will have access to this logging upgrade)

    This enhancement has customized the data streams for tuning and data is now returned at much faster rates. It consists of 36 individual data parameters at around 30 frames per second. Not quite as fast as GM's current gasser ECM's for those wanting a comparison, but significantly better than what Cummins provided.

    The other side to this to is the data you will be able to log is 100% defined around assisting tuning with some data PID's never before seen, you will all be pretty impressed I am sure. When it comes down to fine tuning your trucks you need all the data you can get and as fast as it can come.

    It will also simplify support issues because we are hoping that everyone will use this update and therefore everyone will be logging the same group of PID's. This enhancement delivers the most comprehensive and powerful Scan Tool available in the marketplace.

    In readiness for our new feature release, EFILive is proud to announce a competition where you could win yourself two VIN licenses. We are offering this prize to the person who can come up with the best name for our new Cummins Logging Custom Operating System enhancement.

    What we are after is something along the lines of -
    Cummins TLC (Total Logging Control)
    It doesn't have to include Cummins and it doesn't have to be an acronym. You get the idea - use your imagination.

    1. Post your entries in this thread ONLY - entries submitted by email or PM will not be considered (too much admin on my behalf)
    2. The competition closes midnight Sunday 15th April, 2012 West Coast USA time.
    3. You can enter as many times as you like.
    4. If more than one person has the exact same feature name and it is chosen as the winner - the person who submitted the winning entry first will be deemed the winner.
    5. EFILive retains the right to use any suggested feature name in the future.
    6. The prize is 2 VIN Licenses
    7. Winners will be announced on EFILive's Facebook page, and the EFILive forum by 18th April, 2012
    8. No bashing of other products.
    9. No offensive language.
    10. Winner will need to provide their FlashScan V2 serial number and Auth code to receive their prize.
    11. The final design and idea becomes the property of EFILive to use and modify as we please. So please don't use any copyright ideas.

    So when can everyone download our new feature?
    Well first off it needs a name, so not before the competition closes and winners are announced.
    Beta testing to date has gone very well, it is expected to wrap up shortly. It is expected that this will be in general release before the end of the month.


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    Total recall

    Total Recall Control (TRC)

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    Cummins Custom Enhanced Logging (CCEL) OR
    EFILive Cummins Enhanced Logging (ECEL)

    Was thinking Cummins Enhanced Logging, but that might get confused with CEL (Check Engine Light).
    2013 Sonic RS Manual - 1.4L I4T E78, tuned, turbo mods, etc.
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    COS Cummins
    Cummins COS Logging

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    Custom Control System CCS
    Cummins Custom Control System CCCS or C³S
    Custom Control Analysis System CCAS
    2007 5.9 SBT & ATP Tuning

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    Best Alternative Cummins Onboard Networking

    Slogan = Everything is better with BACON even EFILIVE.

    Also who does not like BACON?

    Cummins Communications Loging/System

    EFILIVE Cummins Data Acquisitionings System

    Stupid iPhone auto correct.

    Sent from my iPhone 4S
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    Things still need to put in: PCV Re-Route,Air Dog AD-200.

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    'NLL' "No Limits Logging" prob not the best name but

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    Log It by EFI Live

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    SSR=Super Scan Recording

    UDCR=User Defined Custom Recording
    Les Szmidt
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