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Thread: EFILive v2 and Moates 99-02 Roadrunner

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    Default EFILive v2 and Moates 99-02 Roadrunner

    Like new, EFILive v2 w/ 2 open VIN licenses - Comes with case and 6 each 1 GB flash media, all cables, adapters, etc as new.
    New Moates 99-02 LSx Roadrunner PCM - Never installed, only bench flashed to confirm functionality
    • Includes now discontinued Bluetooth option
    • Roadrunner EFILive Realtime license

    Buyer pays shipping
    Pictures available on request
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    I'm guessing the roadrunner is the 512K version? how much for just the roadrunner?
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    Aaron, sad to see you leave...

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    Will you split up the Bluetooth. Extremely interested in that

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