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Thread: Cummins Injector Duration and Timing questions

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    Default Cummins Injector Duration and Timing questions

    I have started to tune my truck and I'm not getting the results that I was expecting, I'm pretty sure I'm missing something in the tuning and was wondering if anyone could help me out. When I'm logging the truck the injector timing seems to be dropping off on the top end, I am commanding 22 degrees but only seeing 17 on the top end. When it comes to injector pulse I'm pretty sure I'm trying to push my injectors to hard but I cant seem to get enough fuel on the top end. The modifications to the truck are as follows and I attached the tune file and a log from last night, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    DDP 90hp Sticks
    Arson 3 CP3 kit
    FASS 95
    Stock over s475 compound kit
    Built Allison 1000
    Head studs
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    Ill take a look when I get home im new also but any help is worth it.
    2006 Cummins Red, Auto to Nv5600, SBC 3600, Traction Bars, Visor, Running Lights, S&B Intake, ATS intake horn, EFI Live, Borg Warner S363 Turbo, Industrial Injection Dragon Fly Injectors.

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