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Thread: Trouble flashing my ECM

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    Default Trouble flashing my ECM

    This is what I get when I try to flash my 06 lbz

    14:40:15.694: Scanning for EFILive FlashScan V2 HAPI
    14:40:15.708: Autodetect interface ...
    14:40:15.953: Interface firmware version: 2.7.26
    14:40:15.958: Connection to [FSV2] interface is OK
    14:40:15.972: CAN-VPW Bridge Activated
    14:40:16.039: Current protocol set to: "ISO 15765 CAN"
    14:40:16.042: Autodetect ECM...
    14:40:16.170: Connection to ECM is OK
    14:40:16.181: Current protocol: "ISO 15765 CAN"
    14:40:16.394: USB driver version: 4.0.0
    14:40:16.403: USB library version: 3.1.18
    14:40:16.419: Interface firmware model: FSV2
    14:40:16.439: Interface firmware model: FSV2
    14:40:16.457: Interface firmware version: 2.7.26
    14:40:16.474: Interface firmware date: Mar 28, 2012
    14:40:16.491: FlashScan serial number: 003861434913
    14:40:16.509: FlashScan license number: 003861434913
    14:40:16.762: Getting status...
    14:40:16.988: Status: OK.
    14:40:30.903: Disconnecting ...
    14:40:31.511: CAN-VPW Bridge Deactivated
    14:40:31.519: Disconnected
    14:40:32.123: Scanning for EFILive FlashScan V2 HAPI
    14:40:32.141: Autodetect interface ...
    14:40:32.388: Interface firmware version: 2.7.26
    14:40:32.392: Connection to [FSV2] interface is OK
    14:40:32.606: USB driver version: 4.0.0
    14:40:32.611: USB library version: 3.1.18
    14:40:32.626: Interface firmware model: FSV2
    14:40:32.643: Interface firmware model: FSV2
    14:40:32.662: Interface firmware version: 2.7.26
    14:40:32.683: Interface firmware date: Mar 28, 2012
    14:40:32.700: FlashScan serial number: 003861434913
    14:40:32.717: FlashScan license number: 003861434913
    14:40:32.750: Disconnecting ...
    14:40:33.369: CAN-VPW Bridge Deactivated
    14:40:33.377: Disconnected
    14:40:33.988: Scanning for EFILive FlashScan V2 HAPI
    14:40:34.028: Autodetect interface ...
    14:40:34.267: Interface firmware version: 2.7.26
    14:40:34.275: Connection to [FSV2] interface is OK
    14:40:34.293: CAN-VPW Bridge Activated
    14:40:34.361: Current protocol set to: "ISO 15765 CAN"
    14:40:34.369: Autodetect ECM...
    14:40:34.419: Connection to ECM is OK
    14:40:34.436: Current protocol: "ISO 15765 CAN"
    14:40:34.655: USB driver version: 4.0.0
    14:40:34.663: USB library version: 3.1.18
    14:40:34.687: Interface firmware model: FSV2
    14:40:34.705: Interface firmware model: FSV2
    14:40:34.727: Interface firmware version: 2.7.26
    14:40:34.749: Interface firmware date: Mar 28, 2012
    14:40:34.771: FlashScan serial number: 003861434913
    14:40:34.794: FlashScan license number: 003861434913
    14:40:35.049: Getting status...
    14:40:35.274: Status: OK.
    14:40:36.150: Preparing ECM for reflash...
    14:40:36.197: ECM seed is: $29F8
    14:40:36.200: Unlock attempt 1 of 1
    14:40:36.348: Initializing ECM...
    14:40:37.763: Request serial number...
    14:40:38.610: Serial number: 86J624105700
    14:40:41.221: Attempting to reboot ECM... (please wait up to 8 seconds)
    14:40:42.385: ECM has booted successfully...
    14:40:43.390: Clear emisison related DTCs...
    14:40:43.434: Clear DTCs for all modules...
    14:40:45.543: Autodetect interface ...
    14:40:45.785: Interface firmware version: 2.7.26
    14:40:45.787: Connection to [FSV2] interface is OK
    14:40:45.789: Autodetect ECM...
    14:40:45.832: Connection to ECM is OK
    14:40:47.170: Reflashing completed successfully
    14:40:50.319: Done!

    The time is 35 seconds total. There is no way it's flashed. Any help would be great. It will flash my TCM no problem. All software and firmware up to date. I can't even read the ecm's tune.
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    If you are doing a cal flash, yes it will happen that quick. Takes me about a minute to cal flash a DSP5 into a BOSCH controller.
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    I will ask the same as I did on the Diesel Place forum. Are you the original owner of the vehicle? If not maybe it is tuned. Have you gone to a dealer to see if they can flash a stock tune in it? If they can't then I would say either some bad or not fully connected wiring or a bad ECM.

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    Run the program as admin, if you dont it will do this. I have all my efi live programs set to run as admin all the time. To run it as administrator just right click the program you want to open then select run as administrator.

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    Cig lighter is good. I'm the original tuner because I loaded this tuning into the truck. I can tune the tcm but it will not read the tune or change the tire size of this tune. I've tryed full flashing cal flashing. It doesn't even bring the progress bar up.

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    I'll definately try the administrator thing when I get a chance to mess with it. It's still running it just won't change.

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    You need to update at least your V2's firmware, latest is 2.07.28. Start with that, then try it again (set the programs to run as Administrator too). Also, if that doesnt work then try using V8 to flash the ECM as well.
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    I had updated the day before trying this flash. I'll still update it again

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    This is your problem. Run as Admin.
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    This Admin permissions issue should all be fixed in the next update.

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