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Thread: Converting Ford style injector data to data useful to EFI Live.

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    Default Converting Ford style injector data to data useful to EFI Live.

    Has anyone done this? There is some great data on performance injectors on Ford Racing Parts website. But the data format is very different and I would like to convert it.
    Example injector. SEIMENS DEKA 4 FI114992 80LBS.
    Works out a Ford M-9593-LU80

    I found this link which is the same as the PDF on Fords website.

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    Yes, I have done this. I was quite a painful project to get everything to line up right, but I was able to verify that it works. I ended up including all of the Ford Racing injectors' characterization data in both EFILive and HPTuners formats as part of my first GM Tuning Beginner's Guide DVD. I converted the data in a raw format, so fitting it to an exact variant with unique breakpoints on short pulse adder and offset sometimes takes a little bit of interpolation, but that's shown in the DVD.

    That said, the SD80's are not very consistent in my testing experience. Even with the "right" average data, there is significant variance from part to part and from shot to shot on the same injector at low pulsewidths. The variation on the 80's is enough to really give you a hard time calibrating the engine. If you're looking for something that supports over 1000hp, then the ID850s start looking really good. Below ~1000hp (flywheel), the SD60's work pretty well with my data as long as you're buying a dynamically flow matched set.
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    Thanks Greg.

    You talked about this very thing in your class last summer. I have not purchased the DVDs yet. But it I plan on it. I to prefer the ID injectors. I did not choose DEKAs that is just what came to me. Recently I have come across these injectors several times. I did quick search and the Ford data popped. I am not afraid of the math to convert the setting but the wording was strange to me. Not worth the effort if they to inconsistent to make the numbers useful.

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