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Thread: More and more problems with V2

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    Thanks Guy. My issue is resolved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacky View Post
    After installing the latest software you can find recovery instructions that may help you get your FlashScan operational again here:
    \Program files (x86)\EFILive\Drivers\V8\Firmware\EFILiveRecovery
    Look in that folder and open the file called ReadMe.txt, try following the instructions in that file.

    Paul -- Followed the readme file to a point to fix my screwed up V2 and managed to get it all fixed up with the latest boot block and firmware. Did run into a few glitches following the readme process -- After successfully performing Steps 2 & 3, Step 4 wouldn't work as it didn't like flashing an older boot block version. Deviating at that point from the readme, I fired up V8 Scan & Tune, clicked the "Check Firmware" button and used it to successfully update the boot block and firmware.

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    SinisterSS, thanks for the feedback

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    Guy, I will call you Monday and hopefully, we can do the same with my is also "stuck". I purchased it from you in Dec. 2006. Firmware 2.04.47 Boot 2.04.10
    Thank, you Jim

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    the screen on my V2 Flashscan is broke so now i cant use it how or who do i talk to about getting it fixed

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    Ho across to our help desk ( and log an RMA type incident, entering the serial number etc. Please not also if you are in the USA or elsewhere and we can advise the appropriate location to send the device.
    EFILive Crew

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    When I plug in its power does not show all of the LED to. Then it will flash alternately orange LED.
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    Sounds like dead poll mode. Launch EFILive explorer and go to the firmware tab and see what firmware and boot block is displayed.

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    I had the same trouble and i was able to fix it.

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