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Thread: FlashScan to send CAN message warnings to DIC

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    Default FlashScan to send CAN message warnings to DIC

    I would like to make a request for a feature in BB Logging.
    Instead of Alarms only triggering an LED and/or Audio on the FlashScan would it be possible for it to send a CAN message to the DIC display?
    I understand the limitations of the DIC in that if other messages are received they will overwrite previous message, but could a CAN burst be enough to display a desired Alarm for long enough to see?

    I would really love to get "Danger to Manifold" on my DIC display if my maps are too aggressive.. j/k

    Actually a real "Knock>1.0" or "Knock=5.3" would be great or "AFR=12.7" or "AFR=LEAN!"

    I can't easily see (or hear) my FlashScan in my car and with the whole "Don't text and drive" it would be nice to have an alarm to the DIC.

    If this is possible it would be very very beneficial for a number of alarms and notices..
    -Adam Chant
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    Good idea Adam, but I think the cluster is normally on the SWCAN (Single Wire CAN) bus, not the high speed CAN bus used for flashing/logging. We dropped the SWCAN bus out of the V2 design a few years ago.
    We do something like this on the older Class2 VPW bus vehicles (talking early to mid 2000's here).

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