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Thread: Cam and Big Throttle body only.

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    Default Cam and Big Throttle body only.

    I have a 04 gto with Just a cam (no spec on cam dealer doesn't have it nor does the previous owner) and has a Big throttle body and K&N CAI. Everything else is bone stock. Exhaust is completely stock with cats. everything stock.
    I got the car to idle and did autove table crusing with different loads on dyno. It keeps setting p0172 and p0175 rich bank 1 and bank 2.
    It smells rich at idle as well starting out than goes to 14.4-15.2. I set the pe modifiers and adjust idle parameters. Crusing afrs are good 14.4-15.2 and wot tables are fine. My main question is Just throwing the cam in there and big throttle body what more do I need to adjust? From the sounds of the cam it sounds big but that doesn't tell you anything. Sucks not knowing what cam is in it. I'll post the latest tune that I have if anyone wants to input anything be greatly appreciated.

    Clinton Brooks.


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    Really kinda hard to say much without seeing some logs...
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    some thoughts:

    non calibrated wide sensor

    i saw a lot of cars with big cams and incorrect pushrod size which makes rich situation

    check SP and see if they got blackish

    Odd Boy

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