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    Default Cruze 0 to 60 results

    It was time to do some 0 to 60 MPH benchmarks on our Cruze Auto. Whilst I'd love to get it to the track, it is the middle of winter here, so I don't even know if the street meets are running at the local drag strip.
    The car is currently running a 45% E85 mix, this has allowed about 5 more degrees of timing before it starts to show signs of knock at WOT (there is none at all otherwise), current tune is pushing it to about 19 PSI of boost from 4,400RPM up. On the scanner I've seen maximum torque of 204 lb-ft (277 Nm) and maximum of 190 HP (141 KW). Sadly, this is almost the same torque as the 2010+ 3.0L SIDI V6 GM has, 212 lb·ft (288 Nm) @ 5800 RPM.
    Stock, the 1.4L is rated at 148 lb·ft (200 Nm) and 138 HP (103 KW).

    The log I did tonight was a bit of a disaster though, the engine hit the limiter just before the 2-3 shift (I've lowered it to 6200) which as a result dropped the boost down to 5 PSI, I also had the Commanded Power table set too low vs road speeds, the result was it only had 50% throttle from 4,400RPM up in 1st gear as the ECM was trying to limit engine power (as per the table), but still held 14 PSI of boost, so it wasn't too bad.
    Anyway, the result was, the car did a 0 to 60 MPH time of 7.2 seconds.
    With a few more small adjustments to the tune (not hitting the RPM limiter) I am sure the Cruze will easily get in to the high 6 second zone for a 0 to 60 MPH run.

    Back to the 7.2 second run, it's no LSx I know, it never will be at 1.4L, but, how's this for some comparisons of some 0 to 60 MPH times (found on the internet):

    For the Aussies, 1993 HSV 185i = 7.8 seconds
    For the Americans, 1996 Impala SS (LT1) = 7.2 seconds

    Those two cars, we used to admire them for their performance, just trying to put it in perspective

    Edit Post 29th June:
    Running a new tune that doesn't hit the limiter in 2nd gear (dropped the shift speed for 2-3) it got the car 'just' under the 7 second mark. 0 - 60 MPH in 6.9 seconds (see bottom right corner of the pic below). This is still with everything stock, stock intake manifold, stock air box and filter, no hardware mods at all (well,except the E85 conversion). Also, not really loading the car up to build boost off the line, just hitting the loud pedal and away we go.

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