I bought a 2008 LY 6 engine, which came with some of the engine harness cut.

I`m mostly experienced with the LS1B ECM, and I do have a roadrunner.

Instead of spending time and money to get the E38 ECM up and running, I`m thinking og going the route of converting to LS1B architecture.

I`m looking into getting a LS1B manual harness, complete with ECM and install that onto my LY6.

I guess I could use and repin a vortec harness also (for use with a manual LS1B Camaro tune), but I it would be difficult to find a manual trans vortec harness.

I suppose there are guys out there who have done similar thing.

I do know I need to address the 58vs/24 tooth reluctor ring issue, and plan to use Lingenfelters converter to do so.

As the corvettes are DBW, is it an option to use the Electronic throttle on the LY6 - and wire up for Man trans corvette, and use according base file for tuning?

Any inputs to what more I need to address?