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Thread: Things you need to start tuning

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    Default Things you need to start tuning

    You need a pyrometer and a boost gauge(a must have for the LLY) in your truck to do tuning. Running without these two things is just asking for trouble. I do not recommend using the Edge as a gauge. A built trans is the next thing you will need. If you don't have one, you need to use extreme caution as it is very easy to exceed the limits of the stock transmission while making adjustments.

    Do not run boost over 35psi on a stock turboed LLY. 30psi is sufficient.

    EGT's sustained at 1500 or over will melt the turbo on an LLY. I am talking seconds here, not minutes. Use extreme caution when reaching these temps.

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    Good info Bobo.
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    thanks for the info do you think i should unplug my boost stick before downloading my stock tune im thinking yes and hoping no
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