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Thread: 512 ECM tune into a 1meg ECM

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    Default 512 ECM tune into a 1meg ECM

    Can I flash a base tune from a 512 LS1 ECM into a 1meg LS1 ECM? (after flashing a custom operating system into the 1meg)

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    Are you trying to take a tune from a 512kb PCM and use the calibration on a 1MB PCM? If so, create a script to copy the changes over to the 1MB PCM or manually copy the changes between the tune files. Then use the 1MB PCM + COS + calibration changes from your 512kb tune.

    You can't calibration flash a 512kb calibration into a 1MB PCM, the OS' are different so EFILive will detect this and not allow the flash.
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