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Thread: V2 RJ11 Connection

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    Default V2 RJ11 Connection

    HI, I had this working once, but my cable is MIA. I am attempting to hook up an AEM wideband to V2. I am pretty sure that on the RJ11 plug I hooked up black (pin 2) to ground and Yellow (pin 5) to the blue serial output of the AEM gauge. I tried to make another cable, but keep getting the message "Wideband O2 not found." Any help would be great. Thanks!
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    FSV2 serial comm port pinout:
    Quote Originally Posted by mr.prick View Post
    1 = Tx Data
    2 = Rx Data
    5 = Ground
    You have to wire your wideband serial comm output to FSV2 like this:
    so somewhere in between them this has to be done (this is what the null modem adapter does, crosses Rx and Tx):
    wb.Rx ---> V2.Tx
    wb.Tx <--- V2.Rx

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    Am I understanding this correctly for the AEM 30-0300?

    I just wire a RS232 connector, like it shows in the AEM schematic below (for the serial RS232), use a null adapter, and connect that to the serial cable that came with my V2 (the power and ground is assumed to be like the schematic also)?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AEM 30-0300 serial wiring.PNG 
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    If this is correct, can I just swap the wires at the connector on the AEM side, and not use the null adapter?


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    Yes on all 3 questions.

    The null modem adapter simply crosses the Rx/Tx signals, so you can do that yourself anywhere.

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