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Thread: V2 wont do anything stand alone ,works ok on laptop

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    Default V2 wont do anything stand alone ,works ok on laptop

    HI i got a v2 set up for scan and tune on the laptop it works ok
    can log and tune no issues, but it wont do anything as a stand alone-no laptop
    wont read or display anything and comes up "SCREEN RESERVED FOR"
    on pretty much most things.
    Im not sure if i have to load something to the v2?
    Its got me a bit confused,i tried searching but cant really find anything that helps with this issue.
    Would really appreciate some help so i can log without the lap top.
    Prob something simple but im still learning

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    See post #1 here (follow all the steps, including flashing firmware version 2.07.35): Setting-up-a-FSV2-from-scratch

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    Ive got the latest efi live scan and tune.
    I flashed the latest firmware into the v2 with no issues
    think ive worked it out.
    Thanks joecar.
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