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Thread: Upgrading from older bootblock/firmware

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    I should have put a link here to a series of posts starting here
    (where Paul had helped point me in the right direction over the weekend)
    especially the more detailed summary post I made here:
    Quote Originally Posted by GoneNomad View Post
    OK... it all seems to have worked out OK after all.
    I'm going to fill in the blanks so maybe the next guy won't be left guessing which way is which, or wondering where the boot block & firmware update files can be found.

    Maybe this will make it easier (from page 3 of "Upgrading FlashScan.PDF"):

    Upgrading the boot block and firmware of your FlashScan device:
    The following steps, described in detail in the next few pages are required if you have an older Flashscan device that has not had any bootblock or firmware updates since it was new. If you have already performed any of these steps during previous beta updates you do not need to perform them again. Simply start from the first step that you have not performed yet.

    A - If FlashScan has boot block V2.04.xx or earlier, perform these steps:

    1. Program firmware V2.04.72 using the "EFILive Firmware Programmer"
    Attachment 16547 pressing the button next to the red arrow to load the file "FSProg_V2_4_72.ffw" (which is in the "V7.5" folder) and then pressing the "Program" button.

    2. Upgrade the boot block to V2.05.08 using FlashScan’s menu option (Main Menu: F4 "Options" -> "F1 "Licensing" -> "F4 "Upgrade Bootblock")

    3. Program firmware V2.05.21 using the "EFILive Control Panel" in the "V8" folder. The Boot Block & Firmware update files (" *.efw") should be in the V8 folder too.
    Attachment 16548

    4. Follow the instructions in small red print (e.g.: "Please update to version: 2.07.06" as shown above)
    in the "EFILive Control Panel" and when you get done it should look like this:
    Attachment 16549

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    Quote Originally Posted by joecar View Post
    On page 4 of the pdf:
    Attachment 16550
    Thanks for posting that.
    As it turned out, I missed that more detailed explanation on the next page (page 4).
    For some reason, it was displaying as side-by-side pages, so the next page I saw when scrolling down was actually page 5, with the only "tattletale" being the tiny little page number at the top.

    Looks like there's enough room on the (blank) bottom half of page 3 to incorporate the key info that's currently on page 4.

    Providing concise instructions on one page might be better.
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    Noted, thanks.

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