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Thread: Code 0536 tune file not registerd to autocal device

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    Default Code 0536 tune file not registerd to autocal device

    So when I try to drag tune files into tune folder using live explorer version 8, it says file is not licensed to use with this autocal- only files saved with'' save for remote'' option can be used with this autocal. I cant find that option anywhere, so I save to tune folder anyway, tune shows up in handheld just fine. I then try to cal-flash into controller and code 0536 tune not registered to this autocal device. I have tried to format data but didnt work, then I tried to open tune with open item option, opened save file, click on save for autocal and it tells me changes were detected if you're attempting to save file for use with autocal device, flashcan must be connected to authorize changes but I only have autocal. What am I doing wrong?

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    You may find this thread somewhat helpful in your situation.


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