Has this problem been looked at any further?

I found this on google from an old FAQ

Why does the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) illuminate while I am logging ALDL data to my computer?

To achieve fast data transfer rates, EFIlive V4 will take control of the serial bus. This means that the BCM stops transmitting data to the ECM/PCM. The ECM/PCM displays a warning by illuminating the MIL that it cannot establish serial communications with the BCM. This may also be accompanied by the electric cooling fan being switched on.

Once EFIlive V4 stops logging ALDL data the MIL light should be extinguished and the electric cooling fan should stop. The Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) may be cleared using the appropriate command.

Future versions of EFIlive V4 will be designed to prevent this problem from occurring.

Is there another work around. I drive this vechicle daily and it would be nice if the fan only come on when it was ment to.

Thank You.