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Thread: DTC Calibrations and California Emissions readiness

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    Default DTC Calibrations and California Emissions readiness

    The smog shop said my car is "not ready" for smog testing because he tapped into the OBDII port and went to the I/M emission sensor monitor screen and found the O2 sensor "Not Ready, the HO2 sensor "Not Ready" and the EVAP system "Not Ready" the EVAP will be addressed once I can get the HO2 sensor and O2 Sensors to the "Ready" status. Any help in the DTC calibrations field will help, I think...
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    Do you have those systems (O2, HO2, EVAP) physically present...?

    Are there any DTC's present...?

    You should really repair the systems if they have failed, then look at the I/M Drive Cycles in the Service Manual for getting the tests ready.

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