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    Default authentication code

    I purchased a new vin liscense and tried to activate it with no sucess. I thought it may be my auth. code so I checked it and found it was different than the one I sent efi-live. Does it matter? I noticed when I kept hitting the refresh button a new code would show. Havent noticed this before now. Thanks

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    I pm'ed Customer Support.

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    The Auth Code will be different every time it is requested, even if the number of VIN license has not changed.

    The only scenarios that a license will not work are:
    1) The software and firmware for your device are not up-to-date. See the below links to ensure your product is current.
    2) The Serial Number of your device is actually different to the one for which you purchased a license.
    3) You are not selecting the correct license slot # for the activation code. The total licenses owned is indicated in the email you would have received.

    Hopefully those few options are able to indicate the issue.

    Please see these knowledgebase articles for general information about on-going software and firmware updates:
    - Software updates:
    - Firmware updates:

    Install the software updates first as the V8 software incorporates the new bootblock and firmware updates for your device.

    If you have very old 2.04.x firmware please see the bottom section of the firmware updates article. If you are on this very old release it is imperative that you first upgrade to 2.07.72 prior to upgrading to the later bootblock and firmware versions. This is outlined in the document.

    If you still have issues please supply the following (via email to
    1) The order number for the license purchase.
    2) The serial Number and Auth Code for you device (as per this guide Finding FlashScan & AutoCal Serial Number and Authentication (Auth) Codes).
    3) A license backup:
    a. With FlashScan V2 connected go to the ‘Help->FlashScan V2 / AutoCal V2VIN Licensing’ menu option in the tune tool.
    b. Click the ‘Backup’ button.
    c. Email the file it creates: Will be ‘C:\Program Files\EFILive\V7.5\XXX.lbu’. (where XXX is the serial number of your FlashScan V2 device).
    EFILive Crew

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    Got it figured out, thanks for the response though! answered my question anyway!

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