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Thread: viewing live data on autocal

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    Default viewing live data on autocal

    Hey, so I've got a question about the autocals since I don't have much experience using them personally...

    I know you can view some live data on the autocal screen, when setting up the autocal are you able to program exactly what PIDs will show the live data on screen? what about Bidi controls with the autocal?

    Also looking for info on PCM support. I REALLY need to be able to at least connect and view live data from the '96-97 OBDII vortec PCMs (which are extremely similar to the '98 vortecs, which are officially supported) but Im not really looking for any kind of tuning/flashing support (though that would be nice to have), only live data viewing of some specific PIDs at this point. is it possible to connect to the earlier vortec pcms to view the live data and/or log, or is there a way to get that functionality setup? I know asking for additional PCM support like that may be asking a whole lot, if its even possible, but its really the main focus of what I'm looking for with several upcoming projects of mine that will be offered to customers.

    I've got several ideas for things that would be very useful for my customers...but trying to get a handle on the autocals functionality before I invest too much $ in advancing the project.

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    AutoCals are functionally identical to FlashScan when used with the V7 Scan Tool software.

    AutoCals cannot be used to read/flash/lock/unlock controllers using the V7 tuning software.

    AutoCals must be linked to a master FlashScan V2 device.
    AutoCals can be used for standalone reading/flashing and pass-thru flashing using the V8 software, but only for files that have been created by the tuner with the FlashScan V2 that the AutoCal is linked to.
    AutoCal supports Black Box Logging the same as FlashScan. The setup/config for BBL is identical on both devices.

    AutoCals do not have analog inputs
    AutoCals do not have a serial input but the internal serial interface can be accessed to allow serial wide band data to be logged. However, opening the AutoCal to access the internal serial connection will void the warranty.
    AutoCals do not have an SD Card

    Before asking for help, please read this.

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