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Thread: Keyless entry doesn't work with Flashscan unit connected

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    Default Keyless entry doesn't work with Flashscan unit connected

    If I leave the truck with the Flashscan unit connected to the ODB port, the keyless entry doesn't work, it won't lock or unlock, the panic button doesn't work either. As soon as I unplug it it starts working just fine.

    Kind of annoying, but is this an issue?
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    Keyless entry is a function of the BCM... when FlashScan is connected to the serial bus, any bus traffic would be altered, this may be confusing the BCM

    ( typically, I've seen the BCM's exhibit poor etiquette on the serial bus... if it fails to obtain the bus it throws a tantrum ).

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    I haven't heard of this before. And if your V1 is just plugged in and not connected to a PC it wouldn't be sending any messages on the data bus, so it is a bit odd.
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