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Thread: Help Tuning For New Cylinder Heads

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    Question Help Tuning For New Cylinder Heads

    So I recently swapped the heads out on my ol' 5.3l and it's giving me some trouble adding fuel to it. I'm just a bit stumped about what all I'll need to change to get it running enough to get some logging done. I've started out by adding 30% to the VE Tables but the wideband keeps showing its running waaay lean. So I'd like some help in steering me in the right direction on tuning it. Any help is appreciated by this newbie.

    2003 Chevorlet Silverado 5.3l.tun
    2003 Chevorlet Silverado ECSB w/ Quadrasteer
    Current Mods:
    ProComp Cylinder Heads: Intake 205cc Valve 2.02"-Exhaust 80cc Valve 1.60" 62cc chambers
    Texas Speed 224r 224/224 .581"/.581" 112 lsa
    Pacesetter 1 3/4" LT
    3"offroad Y pipe w/ Custom 3" exhaust (in progress)

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    It is most likely running from the MAF... try increasing the MAF table by 5% and see what it does.

    Post some logs.

    General comments:
    set B3616 to 65% below 3200 rpm, and 35% above.
    set B3608 and B3609 to 0.01s.

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