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Thread: Desired Idle Speed and Idle Airflow

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    Default Desired Idle Speed and Idle Airflow

    Hello - I'm new to EFILive, but not new to EFI engine management. EFILive is truly an impressive product, and I'm particularly impressed with the thought that has gone into normalizing the user interface with respect to the multitude of calibrations. After spending just a few minutes, the basic techniques for manipulating data become almost second nature. Hats off!

    I have a question regarding the relationship between Desired Idle Speed and Idle Airflow: if one increases desired idle speed (e.g. from 850RPM to 1000RPM), is it necessary or advisable to scale the idle airflow table accordingly (~17% in this case)? I'm currently slaying the idle-with-a-big-cam demons (in a C5 Corvette).


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    USE RAFIG and RAFPN pids. See this thread ->


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