So far I have had success tuning and logging my 2002 camaro and a 2004 cammed GTO using EFI Lives FlashScan FSP V1.2 interface. I have also updated my software on my computer to the latest version of 7.5 commercial

I have a 2008 Z06 LS7 car I am trying to pull and read the stock tune ( I do not have a pcm license yet for it) but when I select E38 computer and try to read calibrations it shows "INVALID CALIBRATIONS" I also cannot data log the car, I can connect to it, just cannot real time monitor anything. Last time I had theis happen was with my Camaro that had a HPtuners custom OS for boost, but as far as me an the owner of the Z06 this car is stock N/A, I am not throwing out the idea of an hp tune in there as the car is a 2008 model and he bought it in 2011. Can the dealership lock this with tech II or is my EFI LIVE not able to read the newer stuff?

Thanks for any help or tips

Brad Kimbler