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    So how much timing at cruise is too much? I've added about 10 deg to my cruise timing cells so it's now in the 35-38 deg range, and there was a negligible increase in the average MPG at cruise (64-66mph). I'm logging MPG with a calc pid. The increase was about 0.4 MPG which could be caused by other variables. I did however drive the same exact route at the same speed, roughly same outside temp, etc.

    I made a map of MPG versus RPM and grams/cyl airflow (same as spark tables) and filtered out non-cruise data. Is there a better way to see the change in fuel consumption?
    2001 Silverado 5.3L ECSB 2WD T56:
    T76 turbo, Meth injection, 72# injectors, 799 heads, 212/212 114LSA cam, Built 4L80E, 3.42's
    EFILive V1 Commercial, COS5 2-bar SOLSD, AEM wideband

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    If you doing lean cruise, take a look at the Holden tunes.

    Map+filter is a good way.

    Also make a map of MPG x LOAD (i.e. engine load) to see if that reveals anything.

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