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Thread: 2010 A6 Corvette Transmission in 2007 Corvette Model

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    Default 2010 A6 Corvette Transmission in 2007 Corvette Model

    New here and hoping for someone to point me in the right direction. Any input is really appreciated.

    I recently swapped in a used 2010 A6 transmission in place of my 07 A6 transmission on my Corvette. It also carried over the 3200 Yank SS stall. We used WinFlash to do the VIN match on the new TCM module and verified the PCM is seeing it.

    The car will not shift out of first. It gets stuck at 40mph in 1st gear and the car is commanding 6th gear at that speed, however, the car just bucks and doesn't shift. If I press the paddles, the "1 - 6" readout does not show. The DIC is just blank.

    Some things I've heard from other people:
    - A 2010 OS T43 TCM won't "talk" to a 2007 OS E38 ECM - can it be tricked?
    - One guy has put an 08 trans and TCM in his 07 without any issue
    - I should just stick my 2007 TCM on the 2010 trans in my car and just deal with not getting the software benefits GM made (which is a lot of the reason why I did this)

    Any ideas as to what could be wrong? Thanks for any help - this is very very frustrating.

    Edit: Codes I'm throwing, which are pretty obvious
    [] P0700 - Transmission Control System Malfunction
    [] U0100 - Lost Communication With ECM/PCM A
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    Not sure if this will help you but it might. I have an 06 A6 car. I did a full flash with an 08 tune and it has been working. However the blip on downshift only works in 3 to 2 downshift and 2 to 1 but the delay is so much on 2 to 1 that it has no benefit. My suggestion is to try and full flash when and if you do try and put another tune in as I was told the operating system is different between the years and that is why a full flash will work. Looking at it the other way, can you upgrade the E38 controller to a 2010 so that it will talk to your 2010 transmission tune? That is where I would start.

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    It looks like the only choice we have being pre-08 is a 2008 tune to base off of - anything newer is way too complex and requires a lot more upgrades that venture into the unknown.

    I'm going to swap my TCM onto the 2010 trans that's currently installed, put an 08 tune on there, and do the best that I can do.

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