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I actually didin't care for the interior on any of the GM's plus the Cummins has more power than any of the Duramaxes. I've got 14k on it now and I'm getting 22-23mpg highway. I've yet to hear of a Duramax getting that
I like the Cummins and many of my friends have it, but exactly what year Cummins had more power than ANY year Duramax?? I remember shopping for trucks and the Cummins was making like 250/490 to the Duramax's 360/650....

Or am I missing something here?

And I have heard stories of LB7 (1st gen) getting near 30 mpg on the highway once broken in, and I myself pulled a consistent 18-19 mpg in CITY driving with a fully loaded 4x4 and a race tune.

Anyways good luck and hopefully HPTuners will be able to help you out in the future.