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Thread: Cummins BBL Support

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    Default Cummins BBL Support

    Is the Cummins CM2100 controller not fully supported for BBL in the latest Public Release?

    I set up my V2 using V8 for datalogging the CMC controller but the data that I get is all over the place. The first time I set it up, I just selected the PIDS that I wanted to datalog. When that data was all over the place, I went back in and set it up the way you have to selected PIDs in the V7 pass through logging (Entire groups not just individual PIDS) and the data was the same way.

    Even if I just view the data on the V2 it is all over. Am I doing something wrong or is BBL for the Cummins CM2100 (CMC) controller not fully supported yet?

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    Default Cummins BBL Support

    Neither the CMB or CMC are supported for bbl yet...pass-thru logging is still only avail in v7.5.

    So still you can only log in v7.5 for cummins controllers.
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