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Thread: Down shift tune? for 06 6sp ehaust brake

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    Default Down shift tune? for 06 6sp ehaust brake

    need some advise on downshift setting for when i let off the throttle the tune that is in it at the moment drops realy hard and bangs not in all the gears.I have lockup 2 through 6th in drive.Alittle more info The trany is out of a 06 Durama and TCM is programed for a 8.1 Using a cat tps working out fine i just got EFI and started to do some adjustments myself.Tapshift work great.TH isn.t working at the moment I think I forgot one wire to the BCM maybe have to bussy doing other things.I have over 2000 miles on this setup wide open shifts are working flawlessly just been working on changeing shift points raising them.
    The down shifts some are very hard.If I have to hit the brakes hard the trany down shifts fine when I don't have to hit the brakes come down from 5th to 4th hits very hard and 4th to 3rd bangs hard enough it feels like it's going to take out the rearend.Have the TH tables copied into the drive tables.I doo tow with this truck 75 Ford with a 6 cyl Perkins machancil Injection pump grossing 24,000lb
    Eny help would be appreciated.


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    Found the problem wasn't in my tuning was a valvebody shiftkit in the syl.A the ball came out of the valve some how.Put a stock VB in and every shift up and down are great.


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