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Thread: pid's showing not supported

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    Angry pid's showing not supported

    I have recently just changed cars, got my trustworthy v1 out of storage and updated efilive etc.when I loaded my original pid selection
    into efilive scan most of them were crossed out, plugged into car and validated them to find I still have several crossed out.
    one main one is commanded air fuel ratio GM.AFR. when I right click it the more info tab is greyed out.
    vechile is a 2003 hsv clubsport vy. SAE.TP is also the same, I am pretty certain these should be active pids.
    also running interforce scan gauges and they show in there although the scan gauges show haywire readings for my oxy sensors efilive shows then as good.
    anybody else have similar problems with pids?

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    Hi pero648,

    can you try doing Validate Pids again...

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