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Thread: Uninstalling and reinstalling FlashScan/AutoCal USB drivers

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    Quote Originally Posted by voda1 View Post
    I no longer have that version. Is it available somewhere yet?
    Sorry, my mistake, I meant build 235 (not 135) available here:

    Before asking for help, please read this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacky View Post
    Adding the Virtual COM Port option won't help. FlashScan does not use that.

    I would recommend updating to the latest version here, except there is a known issue with the latest version that causes the exact problem you are seeing with build 235.
    We are working on it right now, as soon as it is fixed in the latest version, I recommend updating.

    I have found that doing this should allow V1 to work with the V7 software again:
    Uninstall V7
    Uninstall the USB drivers (using CMDUninstallerGUI described in the first post)
    Reboot the machine
    Re-installing V7.5.7.135
    Connect FlashScan and wait for Windows to fail to load the drivers
    Open up the device manager page, locate the FlashScan V1 entry, and re-install/update the drivers
    Browse to the Win-2K drivers and install those (yes, even on Win7 and Win8)

    Followed steps listed above but the FlashScan was immediately recognized when plugged in. Went to the device manager and installed the Win-2K drivers. Everything is working OK now.

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    Using FlashScan V1 with NGK-AFX Wide band

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