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Thread: EFILive July 18th Beta Release (CSP5)

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    Default EFILive July 18th Beta Release (CSP5)

    The latest EFILive software is now available as a beta to EFILive customers. This software is still being field tested and may contain undiscovered faults that may cause the software to fail.

    Do not use this beta software in a production environment or where failure cannot be tolerated.
    It should be noted that this beta release has been built off the Jun 10, 2013 full stable release versions and primarily contains the updates needed for CSP5.

    Important Information:
    The Diesel DPF/EGR restrictions for US based customers are not part of this pre-release, this is coming very soon though!

    What is new:
    Cummins CSP5 v1.00 including EDA logging has been released for the 2006-7007 5.9L Cummins ECM.

    Software specific changes:
    • Fixed problem that prevented scan files being opened when dragged from Windows Explorer onto the V8 software.
    • Increased floating point accuracy for custom unit definitions.
    • Fixed Scan Tool Scroll bar flickering.
    • Fixed controller serial number displaying incorrectly for controllers with serial numbers that consist of all digits (i.e. that do not contain any alpha characters such as E92).
    • Fixed Ctrl+Alt+C and Ctrl+Alt+Shift hot keys not working correctly in Tune Tool Window.
    • Changed Chart Editing hot key from Ctrl+Enter to Shift+F4 (in anticipation of using Shift+F3, Shift+F5 and Shift+F6 hot keys for editing Data, Gauges and Maps tab pages respectively).
    • Allowed Chart Editor window to be docked/undocked to/from the [F4: Charts] tab page.

    • Added CSP5 switching capability
    • Fixed problem that prevented Allison A40 controllers from being read using EFILive V7.5.

    • Converted cal_link.txt into multiple CCC_Link.ini files. The cal_link.txt file is no longer used. If you have made modifications to the cal_link.txt file on your system, you will need to make those same changes to the appropriate CCC_link.ini files.
    • Updated new CMB_link.ini file with CSP5 links.
    • Fixed problem that caused an incorrect key to be used when an invalid lock key is specified during a full flash.
    • Fixed problem that could cause LLY controllers to become locked with a random key when unlocking.

    Download here:

    A specific thread dedicated to CSP5 questions and problems has been created HERE, please post CSP questions/comments in there.

    The EFILive Development Team
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    Fantastic, cant wait to see CSP in action!
    2013 Sonic RS Manual - 1.4L I4T E78, tuned, turbo mods, etc.
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    Default Re: EFILive July 18th Beta Release (CSP5)

    Yes! Yes! Yes! EDA at last

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    Default Re: EFILive July 18th Beta Release (CSP5)

    Great job team. You all will love this. Very nicely set up.

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    Awesome news!!! I don't see a need for CSP5 for me at this point but I'm anxiously awaiting for the expansion of EDA to the 07.5-09 Cummins.

    2008 Ram 3500 QuadCab
    Hamilton 110# Springs & HD Pushrods, ARP 2000s, EFILive, SB 3250 DD

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    Everything seems to be going well!

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    Hows The Beta Test Going? I have an autocal I purchased in June, but am hesitant cause I cannot be downed with bugs. Also did the fuel efficiency change?

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    The bones of the beta release will form the base of our next public release. MPG hasn't been an issue since the last update. Out of the 100's of customers who have switched over not one has come back with an MPG issue.

    You need to speak with your tuner to discuss updating to CSP. Some tuners are presently upgrading, others are preferring to wait for the next public release.


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    I am receiving a Speedo Calculator error. I have not seen this error before this version. When I press the Speedo Calculator button I receive pop up window that says

    EFILive Tune - Digital tools for onboard vehicle electronics X Cannot create file "C:\Program Files (x86)\EFILive\V7.5\Configuration\cal_adjust.txt" . Access is denied.

    Any ideas?
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    Usually those access denied messages come from you not being logged in to your PC as the administrator (assuming Vista or Win7), as a test next time your run EFILive right click on the icon and choose "Run as administrator".
    I no longer monitor the forum, please either post your question or create a support ticket.

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