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Thread: is it to late to update?

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    Default is it to late to update?

    Hello. I have been tunning gm vehicles for quite sometime. I want to buy the Cummins upgrade. But is it to late to still have access to the tables required to delete dpf? Thanks

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    what color is you v2? if black you should buy a blue one as some dodge will not be supported on the black ones. and no you can still get dpf delete stuff
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    stock sucks

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    CAN based Cummins vehicles are supported on Black FlashScan V2 units.

    Customers should be aware that if/when we do offer support for SCI based Cummins vehicles (2003-05) that these will ONLY be supported on Blue FlashScan V2 devices. In December 2009, we made a circuit board change to support that protocol.

    EFILive does not recommend customers replace their Black FlashScan V2 device for the sole reason of SCI communications protocols until support is available.


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