I'm living in remote north of Canada, in Ft.McMurray, A.B.. No tuners up there, but I purchased EFI live and roughed in a tune to drive my truck south after a cam swap. 2007 Yukon Denali. On vacation took the truck and had a tune done. It run great on the highway for 1000km. Now I'm in the city in another province, Manitoba. When stuck in traffic my fuel leans out as much as 17.2:1 and that is making me nervous. I have EFI Live with me but the computer of the truck is locked by the gentleman who tuned it. I purchased a matching computer at the scrap yard and can down load on it but the anti theft on the truck will not let me run. HELP...I would like to get this resolved to get back to the tuners for a reflash and the option of a ecm I can tinker with.

Any one deal with anti theft or do I have to get a reflash at a dealership? Truck has no warrenty and has been Modified.