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Thread: Help setting up serial logging into v7.5 scanner

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    Default Help setting up serial logging into v7.5 scanner

    Like the title says we have tried over and over to get this thing logging with the serial output from the lc2. We have a cable from the out on the lc2-null modem adaptor- cable from there to the rj12 input onthe v2 box. I think we have everything setup right from hours of searching and on here and still nothing. Somebody please guide us right

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    Here's a thread specifically about LC-2: LC-2-Digital-Wideband-anyone-try-it-out'

    I see you have a null modem adapter, so check your wiring, see post #38 in that thread.'

    Are you plugged into a powered-up OBD-2 port connected to a PCM/ECM...?

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