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Thread: Wierd issue after flash, airbag light on & oil reset issue

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    Default Wierd issue after flash, airbag light on & oil reset issue

    I did a tune for a 2003 corvette A4. It has full exhaust and a cai, otherwise it's stock. I did a full flash and now it has issues with the oil life reset and is showing a b1001 'option config error' ($58) Inflatable restraint sensor and diagnostic module (SDM). The flash went as usual and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Did I unknowingly do something wrong, or is there a chance there are other problems?

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    Did you do a COS? I have a few random codes like that, didn't worry about them. Also the oil life will reset to 0% when you do a full reflash, so you need to set it back to something other than 0% using the DVT controls, or you can do the reset in the owners manual.
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    No, I am using the stock OS. I cam across this thread and found that my Vin number was missing. I manually entered the vin and the airbag light went away. However, I still have trouble codes. Now I have B0361 and B0441. Could this car have a bad BCM or is there something else I should look into?

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    "CJ2 may experience an HVAC control head that will not properly control air mix doors after a battery disconnect. The vehicle may have a temperature difference side to side and may set DTCs B0361 and/or B0441. A typical complaint may be that the right side cools down, but the left side is warm.

    Recommendation/Instructions:Air Mix Door build variance or wear may cause a slight over travel condition of the door. The HVAC control module will perform a recalibration of the actuators during certain conditions including a battery disconnect. During recalibration, the HVAC control module will drive the actuators to their minimum and maximum travel extremes (0 and 255 counts). The module issues a travel command to 0 (& 255) counts, but expects to see feedback above 0 as the door hits the cold stop in the case. The module will then calculate a travel range from this data and compare it to a calibrated range within the HVAC control module. If the actual travel range is not within the calibrated expected range the actuator will be considered not calibrated, the DTC will set and the failure action will prevent full cold range travel of the actuator.

    An actual range sticking between 10-245 counts suggests an obstruction (something stuck in the door limiting its travel). An actual range under 5 or over 250 (at respective ends) suggests an over travel condition (wear, damaged foam seals, etc.). "

    Sounds like you just need to re-calibrate the HVAC actuators with a Tech2.
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    The Corvette is a different animal. I have an '04 and if anything electrical changes during the PCM flash, stuff goes nuts. I make certain everything is turned off except the ignition key when I'm flashing the Corvette. Once the process is started and until the process is finished, don't open a door, run a window up or down,turn the radio on/off, or do anything else to alter anything electrical other than the ignition key on/off. Don't pull the key when instructed to turn the ignition off by EFILive or that will release the driver seat and programming & might mess things up.

    It's my experience that if you do make the mistake of altering something during reflash and your system fouls, just reflash with everything electrical stable and unchanged during the process from start to finish & all will be fine.

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