Dear forum users

i am from qld australia i have ve sidi v6 running ECU E39 model car is 2010 make 3L LF1 engine

i modded the car added a mace tune by trifecta performance, i wanted to upgrade to EFI live tune software so i programed the car back to stock with Trifecta flash program, read my stock ECU TCM files sent those away got a base file back and tried to flash the ECU and it stopped half way and now ECU is getting fault code U0100 Lost communcation with the ECU/PCM

so i towed the car to the holden service dealer, they couldnt get my ECU reading suggested a new ECU at a huge $$$ :( so i got a second hand ECU from the same model car year make engine and gear box its the same ECU E39 ac delco model

it reads in the car fine but gives fault code P0315 crankshaft position system variration not learned and of course my VIN on the ECU is of the old cars vin not my car

i want to know since i have 2 licences from EFI live on my flash scan 2 can i just licence the flash scan v2 to my new used ECU that reads just is the wrong VIN, then flash my old ECU E39 EFI Live tune with my cars actual VIN on the calibration by force flash will it acutallt wipe the used ECU with anothe cars VIN to my VIN and tune making the car able to start

any help would be great, im told to take the car to holden service by the tuner and efi live supplier i already tried that and if i take the car to holden to reprogram to stock im looking at more $$$ plus it wont even drive stock due to the mods meaning more $$$ towing cost

also another ? can anybody here get me a BRAND NEW ECU e39 ac delco model at a decent price compared to my local holden dealer ?