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Thread: G8 Trans tuning (6L80 t43)

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    Default G8 Trans tuning (6L80 t43)

    I've attached my first attempts to trans tune. One is my modded file, the other is the stock tune I pulled off of the T43.

    I'm coming from import tuning, so this is kindof a learning curve to me, as I've never really delt with "Trans" tuning before. Mostly 5/6spd stuff is what I deal with, as I've been tuning for alittle over 9 years now. But i'm in the process of wanting to expand a few years down the line but i'd like to test and practice on my own veh. I have a 2008 G8GT, bolt-on car. My wife mostly drives it, but I love it and its really made me decide to get into domestic tuning.. but its nothing I care to make money on right now..

    I was hoping to get some help from guys on this forum to kindof point me in the right direction. My goal is crisp shifts, grabbing and quick, without effecting normal "D" drivability.

    I've heard I need to smooth the pressure tables, I've heard add pressure until it starts to skip then back off, I've heard a lot and I've done very little.. which is why i'm posting here.

    I've got majority of the actual tuning down I believe, but I still have questions, but that's for another time, i'd like to get a better understanding of the trans tuning stuff.....

    Ive searched, and haven't found anything really helpful for me. I feel like such a big newbie with coming over here to the domestic stuff! lol

    I'm not looking for any handouts, although that'd be a nice helpful way lol!!! I'm looking for guys who care about another tuner know whats right and wrong. At least help me understand where to start.

    Mods are 1 7/8 primaries, 3'' Xpipe, no cats, 3'' exhaust, 4'' intake.

    Car bone stock off the lot did 13.5@107, Hoping after I get the tuning set and trans tuning done, 12.9/12.8 @ 109+ could be had.
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