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Thread: Cant see live data please help

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    Default Cant see live data please help

    Guys Im new to EFI Live.. My problem is I cant see live data and the pids dont work. I have the V2 latest and greatest loaded. I first start out
    opening up 7.5 scan tool , second load a pid file, one I make, one of the default ones and one my tuner sent me. I do connect to vehice still
    no live data. Im trying to log data and see live data. What are the steps or what am I doing wrong. 2011 silerado 6.2L 1500
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    First goto the chart dash page...

    then do:
    - click the connect button (green button in upper left),
    - click the record button (red button at bottom center).

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    I will try this. And let you know help for the reply and help.

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