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Thread: Advise or Base tune for 217/227 LSA114.

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    Default Advise or Base tune for 217/227 LSA114.

    I will soon be installing a new cam in my VY Commodore (Manual, 5.7 LS1B). The cam is a VCM 21. It has been spun up and the specs are 217/227 @.050 .600" 579" LSA114 which is slightly different from the advertised specs. I was hoping for one of two things either someone having a base tune they could give me to start with or an idea of how much I might need to fatten up the VE to give myself a safe platform. I could guess and go from there however an idea of what would be safe would be nice. I have been looking but have not found a tune on the forum as yet. Will keep looking. I am currently running maffless on COS5.

    Thanks all.

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