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Thread: need a little lly help

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    Default need a little lly help

    Installed a Fass lift pump, new CP3, blocked the FPRV, deleted the factory filter and primer, ice picked all injectors, checked all wiring harnesses and still not starting. I didnt have any white smoke when it was running. My injectors arent great but I dont think its bad enough that it wont start?
    #1 -5.83
    #2 -3.17
    #3 +2.92
    #4 +1.58
    #5 +4.61
    #6 +1.89
    #7 +0.94
    #8 -3.25
    I did have something weird happen after i installed the CP3 I turned the trucks power on so the lift pump would prime good. I had a fuel puddle under the truck after I cleaned tools up. I checked around to see where the leak was, I had accidentally unhooked the return line from #8 injector to the junction block feeding the main return line. Fuel was dripping out of the return junction block between the FRPV and Turbo so that would mean im having return through the passanger side injectors. Is this normal in a key on position? no returns out of the right hand bank at #8.

    1. I have a few injectors on the way to replace #1 & #5 do you think this will solve the problem?
    2. Are efilive balance rates correlated to the cylinders or is it based of firing order? Do I replace #1 & #5 cylinders or #1 and #4 cylinders?
    3. Am i missing anything else?
    4. Should cylinder compression be around 350psi or 300psi minimum?

    Im off Friday so ill do the return rate test and check compression before I replace injectors.

    Thanks for your help
    2005 GMC Sierra ec/lb LLY - stock-

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    Without knowing what the fuel rate and engine temp was when these balance rates were taken, they are worthless numbers. #5 could be your best injector, or it may be shot. Without the fuel rate to figure ACTUAL balance rates, theres no way to know. And for reference, I had a truck with 3 hung injectors with PERFECT balance rates. Finally it quit starting all together and hydro locked. When you added in the difference for the fuel rate all of the balance rates sucked. They went from +/-2 to -5 to -9.
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    Ok, well ill try the return rate test and go from there then. Thank you
    2005 GMC Sierra ec/lb LLY - stock-

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    Replace #2 and #8 and #1 based off return rates and it runs awesome now. Everything balanced back to .00 to 1.10 including #5.
    2005 GMC Sierra ec/lb LLY - stock-

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