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Thread: LB7 help please

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    Default LB7 help please

    I need some assistance/tips on building an economy towing tune for a 01 Duramax

    '98 Trans Am M6 02pcm w/ COS5,forged short block,coated pistons,L19(arp) studs/bolts,ported heads,242/252 610/598,LS6 int,LT's,ORY,4"mufflex,spohn suspension,moser 9",and a little juice

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    You would be better serve to go to a diesel forum of your choice if you need some help with building a tune. Depending on where you bought the tune some vendors will build a tow tune for free, just ask about it. Once you have it you can compare the tables and understanding what the tune represents.
    2004 GMC SLT LB7 CC Shortbed with Ranchhand Grill Guard; 273k+ miles
    4 KC off road light, Century Topper
    Hammer 4 Train Horns and Conductors Special at 150psi ; Westin Nurf Bars HypertechIII Powered 6.6 Dmax; Amsoil bypass filters & Amsoil in oil and tranny;Nicktane Fuel Filter, Scangauge II,Fumoto Valve, Active XM and Onstar,Protected by Viper and Tuned by EFI Live

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