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Thread: ***Novice*** LMM Tow Program shift point question

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    Default ***Novice*** LMM Tow Program shift point question

    I did not tune this, I have no idea what to do to change the shift points on the tow program, Idaho Rob did the tunes and they are great; however, I want to change the tow shift points and he will not do that without being in the truck to see what I need.
    That being said, I can not drive to him to have that done. My experience with Live is plugging it in the truck, wiring the 5 position switch, and running the full tune. So, I would love step by step, this is what you do to change the points, but if there is a video, or pdf instructions on what to do, I would be happy to read through it and try to get a handle on it.
    Seems like whereever I go I am behind someone at the top of the rev point before upshift and as soon as I can get fast enough to shift they slow down and I am back at the highest rev. Just want the truck to be able to drop lower RPM's without downshifting and have a lower speed to upshift. This is what I have:
    Upshift at 60, upshift to final at 70. I'm up to what 25-2800 maybe 3k at the 60mph shift point, and getting stuck behind someone for 100 miles at that RPM with a load is killing my economy...
    Downshifts at 58, again at 52
    This is in tow mode, the only one I want to change. Would like it to upshift at 55 and 65 and downshift at 55 and again at 45.
    If it is possible to change the cruise I would love for it to be able to have a bit more throttle and speed loss before downshifting, as soon as it downshifts with cruise on, it upshifts right back, just seems like the throttle position requirement could be changed?
    Any help/advice/ would be great. I'm sure I left out needed info.

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    Shift tuning is a whole different operation from your power tuning.

    Also your observations and annoyance are common reports. We have done custom tuning for others with like desires. Unfortunately there is no tutorial on how to DIY. You will have to learn through trial and error.

    Your T/H annoyance can be improved through refinement, but I do have a tip for you. When you want to force a downshift at highway speed, just tap into normal mode.
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