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Thread: 01-07 "4x4 Option" cax

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    No dice. I took the 01-02 file, renamed it 0202005, and it came up with 4x4 already selected. I cycled it to 2wd then back to 4wd and did a full flash. Went for a spin and it wouldn't leave 1st in 4lo. Did I do something wrong? I have COS5 based on a 12212156.
    1998 GMC Sierra K1500 5.7/4L80E, longtubes, 411 w/COS 5, marine cam/intake, Whipple. 91 octane at 6000'.
    1997 GMC Sierra K3500 7.4/4L80E, 411 w/COS 3, Whipple, small cam.
    2004 Corvette Z06 with longtubes.

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    You do not need to do a full flash. Only calibration flash. it is in the cal section
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