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Thread: 2014 Stingray " Torque Reponse tables " A--B C

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    Default 2014 Stingray " Torque Reponse tables " A--B C

    Learning the NEW SIDI E92 system----I understand what the torque response tables are for---
    BUT does anyone know for sure which of the 5 driving modes ( Eco--Weather--Tour--Sport-- Track ) are connected to which of the 3 TQ Response tables A--B or C in the tune ?? Confusing as there are 5 driving modes but only 3 TQ tables in the tune-------Thanks

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    Unfortunately no, it is platform specific and I think it comes from the BCM.
    Logic would tell you that 'A' would be a normal driving mode, but 'B' might be sport in a Vette or maybe 4WDLo in a Truck, so sorry, not really sure how GM assign it.
    A simple experiment would be to put very low values in one of the tables and switch modes to see when it becomes active.

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    Thanks----I kind of thought so---Guess I will use the old "trial and error method"---LOL
    PS: Love these new DI engines---really makes tuning g a stockish car or truck so easy---No reason to mess with many tables as the new system does it all by itself simply by asking for more TQ in the response tables
    ALSO 1 new question-----
    In the "TQ CONTROL" tables 1&2 ---I see that 2 is maxed out but table 1 is progressively reduced from apprx 500 LBS at 6200 RPM to about 350 at idle speeds----- I thought this table may be the Traction Control TQ limit--however not sure about that either. Any idea ???

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