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Thread: new to diesel and new to efi

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    Default new to diesel and new to efi

    hi I am new in this world and so far I love it but I am having some issues and I know I can get the help I need in here I just installed in my 2009 dodge ram 2500 6.7 diesel a dpf and egr deletes everything when good with the install now I am trying to use my efi live autocall and on the manual says to push the down arrow until you get the option Read and press ok so when I do that my autocall display error code $0520 system is full i cant do anything else :( what do i do now????

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    You need to call your tuner, but more than likely your autocal has 4 files loaded and does not have enough room to hold the stock read. If it were an autocal from us I would tell you to just try to load a tune if it will let you being a 2009.

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    yes it has 4 files on it and if i want the 5th one they will email it to me but i did load the stock tune and it worked good

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