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Thread: Need help with high idle. (e38 conversion)

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    Default Need help with high idle. (e38 conversion)

    I am working on an engine conversion in a 1983 Ferrari Mondial. The donor engine is an LZE 3.5L flex fuel from a 2009 Impala (e38 ECM) with a Porsche standard transaxle. The 4T65E and TCM from the donor Impala were not utilized. The car is running and driving now with no problems other than a graduall very high idle. When you initially start the engine at around 75*F ambient, it will idle around 900RPM and gradually work its way up to 1200RPM and eventually up to 1800-2000RPM. Here's the tun file and I'll be happy to log any PIDs needed. The only PID that catches my eye is VSS which is pegged at 158MPH, a side affect of a missing TCM I imagine. Anyone know how I can isolate the table(s) that are causing this high idle? Thanks- Brint.dave ferrari idle tweaks.tun
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